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What’s up?! I’m Kelly. Welcome to my travel blog! I’m here to share some cool stories, useful tips and info, and give you the inspiration to get out into the world and stop fearing the unknown. I even take some pictures here and there, which I’ve really come to enjoy!

I’ve been traveling the world on and off for the past two years. When I started, It was all on my own. I quit my job to go explore the world but eventually came back to work. Read about how I made that life changing decision. But this time my job was flying around the world! But I hardly had enough time to go out and actually explore it like I wanted to. So eventually I left that job too and now here I am, ready to get out there and do it how I want to.

I’m really looking forward to expand Traveling Water Monkey and share my traveling life with you and I hope you enjoy it. So stay tuned and watch this grow into something great!

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