Breaking Out Of My Comfort Zone For That Next Big Trip

Is fear keeping you from going on that trip you’ve always dreamed of? Have you gotten too comfortable with your life and you’re thinking it’s too late because you’ve accumulated all this STUFF or you’re “too old” to be running off to some foreign land? Or is it because you simply can’t decide to make a move? You’ve got everything in place to go on that 3 month or 6 month or LIFELONG trip, but you just can’t seem to buy that ticket. It seems silly once you have everything ready to go but that little four letter word in the back of your head is holding you back, fear. Fear is a word you shouldn’t fear. It’s starting to sound silly to me now, because that’s all it is. But I think it has gotten to me recently. Lets work this out.

Planning a trip is relatively easy. I usually look over a place and check out what there is to do. Then I’ll look at a few hostels to see what there is available and go through to make sure I have my finances in order. Seems simple enough, right. I start to get excited about eating the local cuisine and meeting a bunch of cool people and going on adventures, you know, the stuff that gets you excited about going to new places. But I just can’t seem to make that next big move, buying my plane ticket.

I’ve done it before, with much less actually.

Less experience, less money, less evolved frontal lobe… But now I have more travel experience, more money to travel with, and now that I’ve turned twenty-five, a fully developed frontal lobe.

I’ve been saving up for this trip for about a year and a half. I’ve sat around for another half and it’s time to make a move. I’ve got most of my gear ready to go, aside from a few things like some new shoes, which I may or may not have an addiction to. I’ve also got to renew and update this blog before august which will be around $500. Am I over paying for that? Other than that, I’m ready, all except for that almighty plane ticket, which will be just over $200 from Michigan to Mexico City.

Maybe you’re experiencing the same thing. Growing too comfortable with your surroundings will make you lazy. You should be doing sit-ups and planning that next trip instead of doing 12 ounce curls and letting some other force plan for you. It’s not that hard to plan something out so what makes it so hard to execute? I think fear has crept in. I don’t know of what but I would say it’s more of a primitive fear. Something inside us makes us feel that fear of the unknown and in return holds us back. You can’t let fear hold you back because fear will tear you down and suffocate you back into your little hole that you’re trying to escape from. You need to have courage and take that leap into the unknown and grab fear by the balls! Or whatever else you think fear has. Turn that fear into courage, go buy that plane ticket, and go live!

I’ve been through this before and all it takes is that aha! moment. It will come, but you have to search for it. It’s kind of like once you start it’s easy to keep going so just think of that.

Ready or not, Jump while you’ve got the chance.


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