Breaking Out Of My Comfort Zone For That Next Big Trip

Is fear keeping you from going on that trip you’ve always dreamed of? Have you gotten too comfortable with your life and you’re thinking it’s too late because you’ve accumulated all this STUFF or you’re “too old” to be running off to some foreign land? Or is it because you simply can’t decide to make… More Breaking Out Of My Comfort Zone For That Next Big Trip

Freedom Pizza 101

As I’m sitting on the plane getting my fix of “escapism” pleasantly described by J. Marrten Troost, I can’t help but get excited by the thought of once again breaking all of my responsibilities and flee the country to some far off distant land in the tropics surrounded by some foreign language, beautiful women, palm… More Freedom Pizza 101

10 Things I Learned On My First Solo Backpacking trip

  Packing my bags and temporarily leaving everything behind wasn’t the easiest decision I’ve made. It wasn’t because I didn’t want to do it. It was because I was quitting my job (more like a sabbatical I suppose) and traveling to foreign countries that I really didn’t know

The Beginning

The world is a book. You can either read it, or you can write one of your own. That was actually too black and white of a statement, because honestly, I love to do both! Now of course were all writing our own story in some aspect. From the moment we’re born, our story begins.… More The Beginning