Dark Tales of a Bright City

Free gym memberships, free coffee, free shuttle service to and from the airport, and sometimes even free breakfast. Sounds like the ideal hotel to stay at right? What about when it’s in a decent location with restaurants nearby, even better? Sure. But what about the other times when the only way to get to somewhere you have to walk a mile or two down the road next to a thousand cars driving next to you while the smog chokes you until you’re taking faint little breaths until you get into the air conditioned convenience store with dozens of people in competition with each other trying to grab the last item from the shelves just so they can drive back home while releasing some more smog that’s really starting to look like fog on a summer evening when the sun is starting to set but really it’s only 1 PM. But you could never tell because the sun is blocked out by so much pollution. Once these people get back home or where ever their miserable lives take them, they start to shove their faces with processed food with ingredients they can’t even pronounce because really it’s all just chemicals created in a lab because It’s cheaper and more economical to create fake food in a laboratory than it is to grow in a garden.

Once I get back to the hotel after turning blue from trying not to breath in the polluted air and half deaf from the cars going by. I get back to the hotel only to find a bum outside of my room asking me for some change but I have none because I live in a society that encourages paying for everything with a plastic card in which the money comes from a bank account where I never actually see physical money, only numbers on a receipt I’m handed from a machine which tells me how many numbers I’ve made from the years I’ve sacrificed my life for somebody elses well being. So the bum never gets my money and then goes to lie down on the sidewalk to fall asleep but then dies because of the polluted air he breathes on a daily basis and from the chemicals his body digests from the food he eats, or the lack thereof because I hardly ever carry any change to give to him. Why should I have to look out for these people? Even if I was to give him the change in my pocket, the .57 cents I happen to be carrying with me isn’t going to get him the decent meal he needs.

So I leave the next morning on my big jet airplane only to contribute more smog, deliver more chemicals for food, weapons for war, and add some more numbers to that account, but yet never enough. Because there will always be a demand for more expensive cars, bigger houses, nicer clothes, and food that’s grown in my own back yard.

2 thoughts on “Dark Tales of a Bright City

  1. “Wow ” ,yes,this is the way people are living ,it’s sad i think alot could,change but people who govern our country’s don’t care,am I wrong or right at some point the world has become over populated and companies keep building, and there is no land left to grow more of our food resources

  2. Yo Kelly, don’t forget to watch American Beauty. And don’t ever forget how nice it feels to walk. Let’s have another Cuba Libre again soon.

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