Feed Your Curiosity


There’s a certain sense of wonder, or curiosity a person should have. Something he or she should want to fulfill. And not by clicking a button on a computer. I mean a true search into the unknown.

I believe a large majority of people have lost that sense of curiosity because one, the stress of our fast paced life has killed that curiosity. or two, because it is simply too easy to search something on the internet and “fulfill” what your searching for. It leaves nothing for the imagination.

A person satisfies their craving by eating a certain food they crave. The same goes for the soul. It has to be fed by venturing out into the great unknown and it is then the soul is fed by learning and experiencing life first hand. Something as little as walking down a path that looks so enticing, you just have to go in order to satisfy the desire.

Deep down inside us all is a sense of curiosity to venture out of the norm and into the new. Since the beginning of time humans have always had this urgency to move around and explore some place new. We would not be where we are today if it weren’t for man giving in to the urge to leave his home in search for someplace new, leaving everything they’ve ever had behind.

Imagine the very first people to set out to sea. They had absolutely no idea of what lay beyond the horizon. But they went anyway. Because they wanted to. Because they needed to feed that  curiosity regardless of the consequences.

Venturing out into uncharted seas would have been just the beginning. The perils that would have been experienced which came from weeks and even months at sea would have been enough for some to turn around and go back. But for the ones who kept feeding their curiosity are the ones who truly succeeded…

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