Michigan Travel Photography Pt. 2

A place filled with pure beauty is only a journey away. Luckily for Michiganders, this pure beauty is right in their back yard. Here’s some more photos for your enjoyment. 


Sand Point, Escanaba

Emdizzles Tree, Standish


South Manitou island Old Dock Area


South Manitou Island Lighthouse


Mackinac Bridge


Underneath The Mackinac Bridge. Lake Michigan To The left . Lake Huron To The Right.


Little Bay de Noc, Escanaba


Highbanks At The Rifle River


Suspension Bridge On The Manistee River Trail Loop


Pipeline Access At The Rifle River


Getting Lost In Beach Grass


Looking Out From Sand Point Lighthouse, Escanaba


A Unique Experience Is Waiting For You In Iron Mountain


Checking Out My Future Sailboat


Drifting Out To The Islands Of The Manitou


Shipwreck Of The Fransisco Morazán. Ran Ashore In 1960.


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3 thoughts on “Michigan Travel Photography Pt. 2

  1. Beautiful photos, its nice when you appreciate your own country that’s beautiful lots to see probably never be 90 and 100 degrees weather and sunny beaches all year round that’s Michigan the weather changes we have different seasons which makes it even more beautiful

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