Reeling In The Fish On Lake Huron


For the last few years there’s been talk about going on a fishing charter out on the great lakes. Mostly by my dad. So I finally decided to book a trip to go catch some lunkers in Lake Huron!

After driving out to Port Austin and enjoying the sandy beach with some bocce ball we got to bed early and hit the water at 5:30am and about 30 minutes in, we had our first catch of the day and the excitement was on.  But three hours later we started to worry that our first catch would be our only catch. But Captain Dennis pulled through and shortly after 9 the fish started hitting our lines and continued to do so until we pulled the last lines out of the water. All in all we ended up with 13 lake trout and one walleye.

After 10 minutes of reeling, Dutch was feeling the burn!

So if you’re looking for a great time with a professional captain who knows his waters, book your next trip with Fin-Lander Charters. You’ll be happy you did!

Our sea vessel
20 years together and they’re still catching fish
Dad and his catch

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