Through The Eyes Of A Foreigner: A Creative Writing Exercise

We’re not so different, you and I. We both have eyes, a nose, and even a mouth that can speak a language. It mat not be the same language, but we’re similar in that aspect. We can walk, well, most of us can. Others are just unfortunate like that. Unfortunate in other ways as well, which in return would change how you perceive things in this world. So I suppose that would make us different. 
But how much different? We were both born from a mother who supported you in her belly for 9 months, nurtured you, took care of you, fed you, and gave you a bath when you got dirty. Well, wait a minute. Maybe you didn’t have a mother. Maybe something happened to her. That would make us different.
You’ve survived famine through a nation torn apart by war. That would certainly make you and I perceive life differently. But what about food? We both have to eat and drink water to stay alive. That makes us the same.
Hell, everything has to eat some type of food. I may not see a certain thing as a food, but it may be a delicacy to you. How about I try your food and you can try mine? Maybe we can understand each other that way. But what if the food is no good? Would you be offended if I didn’t like it? We’re just different I suppose, coming from different backgrounds and all, being raised a different way. But what makes us the same?
We’re both alive, yes. But what would bring us together if we have so many different aspects about us? I have sisters while you have brothers. I had both of my parents growing up and you only had a father. You are from one part of the world while I’m just a visitor passing through from the other side of the world. Your skin is brown and mine is white. We’re not upset at each other for being different, so we do share that. You try to understand my ways that you see as quirky and weird yet are normal to me, while I am trying to understand you and your culture. Hey, perhaps that makes us the same.
We’re curious about one another. You intrigue me and I intrigue you. And we both have a desire to learn from one another. We do not hate each other for being different, we embrace it. We grow from learning about each other. Therefore, a compassion grows and we lookout for one another and we become friends.
Yet I must move on and you as well. For we have our own lives. But we will not forget the understanding that grew from confusion. Both of us will carry that understanding and compassion in our hearts and minds and pass it on to the next person who does not understand our ways. That is what makes us human. And that is what makes us not so different, you and I.

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