Upcoming Trip! (Completed)

This is the part where it starts to get exciting. Venturing out into a new place always gets my senses going crazy. Which is most likely why people love traveling so much. It’s just exciting going over plans and making sure you have all of the necessary gear and accessories so you’re not caught up you-know-what’s creek without a paddle (Although that may turn into a great story!)

I kind of feel like I’m just getting back into the swing of things, in a travel aspect anyways. So I’m staying somewhat local but given its location, I don’t think even too many locals go to visit. Are you ready?

(Start to imagine a drumroll) The Manitou Islands are located in Lake Michigan approximately 16 (North) and 12 (South) miles from shore. The closest town is Leland, Michigan where I’ll be taking a short ferry ride provided by Manitou Island Transit. Be sure to check out their website for more info about transportation to and from the islands, shoreline cruises, and private cruises as well.

My planned time frame is June 2nd-3rd on the south island and the 4th-7th on the north island and I’ll be hiking both while experiencing a feeling a solitude and self-reliance. Basically I’ll be back to my primitive roots of cooking my freshly caught food over an open fire (more like dehydrated food over a portable stove). Both Islands are uninhabited but rich in history. There’s old shipwrecks at various points around the south island, cedar trees over 500 years old, and old abandoned ghost towns left to explore. I’ll have nothing but my backpack on my back and the freedom of the wilderness at my footsteps!

It sounds like an adventure to me so stay tuned for more info about visiting these two islands and of course a great story yet to be told!

Update: This trip has been completed. Click here and here for the articles.


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